Performance of Black Swan in January 2020

It’s been a year since the first music video of the song Black Swan by BTS was released with MN Dance Company taking stage in a contemporary dance performance of, what is it now deemed, Black Swan (Orchestra version).

The song was a surprise to many. At least a surprise to me. At the time, Connect BTS was ongoing and the map leading to the release of the album Map Of The Soul: 7 was unfolding. There was no telling what kind of a surprise BTS and Bighit were going to pull and this was no exception.

In some…

Photo Credits: Me (@Reecha_twt)

There comes a time where one needs to reevaluate who they’re and what their place is in the world. The Grammy’s have reached such junction in recent years where they should acknowledge what they carry as an institution and how they reflect current trends taking place in music landscape. It should come to no surprise (if you’ve kept up with Grammy) that the Grammys have come under heavy scrutiny for their portray of what’s good with clear favoritism for white English speaking artists. The favoritism comes into play many times during the process of the Grammy voting.

I will breakdown…

This edit of Mona Lisa has her donning a face mask as a means to protect herself because of the Coronavirus. Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Public health has been facing some problems in the last couple of decades and no time has it ever been more apparent than now. COVID-19 has taken all the issues that Public Health officials in the U.S have been touting for years and opened the gash for the world to see, and there’s never been a worse time to do it. Especially when we are now facing one of the worst public health crisis in the last century.

For those who don’t know, public health, as defined by the CDC, Centers For Disease Control and Prevention, Foundation, is the “…

Amalia R. Miller, Professor in the Department of Economics at the University of Virginia, and writer of the 2017 journal article “Women and Leadership”, states “Women make up 50 percent of the world population and 40 percent of its labor market participants, [and they] are severely underrepresented among business and political leaders” (Miller 1). Women are hardly seen in the leadership position in organizations, institutes, and even government offices despite actively participating in the job marketplace. These limitations and barriers women face today are called, as the article Challenges Women Face in Small Business Leadership Roles states, “[the] glass ceiling…a…

Vaccines Image from website for Northwest Medicine in Illinois

“Ten Greatest Public Health Achievements in the 20th Century” is a list that was complied by the CDC to highlight the biggest achievements that pushed our life expectancy up by over 40% between 1900–1999. Some of these include vaccinations, moter vehicle safety, family planning, recognition of tobacco use as a health hazard and six other great achievements.

The credit to the drastic increase in quality of life can be given to many things but the biggest to those on the list. Through these accomlishments, humans are living better and longer.

However, a growing sentiment is beginning to take ahold of…

BTS Photoshoot in Dubai for 2016 Summer Package

BTS, one of the biggest musical acts of this year have been working nonstop for the first half of the year, ending a several months long world tour with a well deserved break.

Tour stops for “BTS World Tour ‘Love Yourself: Speak Yourself’” started on the May 4th at Rosebowl in L.A with stops all including Chicago, New Jersey, Sao Paulo, London, Paris,Osaka, Shizuoka and, with a new tour data just added in October, Riyadh Saudi Arabia.

The U.S tours, reported by Eric Frankenberg for Billboard, had become the top grossing tours in May and in Pasadena’s Rose Bowl earning


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